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All US Orders Are Guaranteed To Arrive In Time For Christmas! Cut Off Date 7th Dec

3 Things Only Your Pet Knows About You!

(Picture Credit: Unsplash)

Why your pet is such a special friend? We'll tell you!

They're with you during those crazy fun times when you're alone talking to yourself in the mirror or dancing around your room!

They're always around when you're 100% yourself, watching a side of you not everyone gets to see!

There isn't a lot of people who get to see your glorious self in full-form, but your pet has. :)

Here are three things only your pet knows about you that your human friends never get to see!

#1 They've Seen Your Worst Dance Moves While Jamming To Your Music!

We all do it, but we'll never admit. Remember all those times you danced around like no one was watching? Your pet has definitely watched you howl to 'Shake It Off' and dance terribly to every power ballad and Beyonce hit on your playlist.

#2 They've Seen Your Laziest Moments

Sure, you may post on IG about how you love hiking, Saturday gym days, and weekend brunches...but your pet knows the TRUTH! They've seen you lay around, message your friends 'on my way' when in reality you're tucked in your bed. They aren't judging, though! They're probably plopped right beside you loving your laziness!

#3 They've Seen You Naked From All Angles

It may or may not be an uncomfortable truth, but your pet has seen you all! Hey, that's a good thing! There's nothing like having a friend you can truly be yourself around, and there's no better companion then our precious pet who loves you the most!

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