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5 Famous Celebrity Pets That'll Make Your Day

Celebrities are just like us, so there's no surprise to see some of your favorite stars traveling around town with their precious little furballs.

Some of these precious pets have as many adoring fans their celebrity owners do - and for a good reason too...

They're just so darn adorable!

Here are 5 celebrities and their famous pets that are guaranteed to make you a little warm inside and say "awwwww!!".

Tom Hardy & His Puppies of Goodness

Movie heartthrob, Tom Hardy, may be one of the toughest men in Hollywood but he's actually a huge softie at heart! When he's not preparing to be the next great movie villain or riding his motorcycle, he's at home taking care of his pups. He's not afraid to share his beloved set of doggos on his IG every so often!

Paris Hilton & the iconic Tinkerbell

Is there such a thing as a legendary pup? Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 15 years, there's no way you could forget about little Tinkerbell tucked under Paris' arm. Even though ol' Tinks passed a few years ago, Paris still gives her pets the best. She even created a personalized estate for her dogs built with air-conditioning, heating, and designer furniture!

Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend's Legendary Quintuplet Pups!

Puddy, Pepper, Penny, Pippa, and Pooey are the beautiful bulldogs that grace the Tiegen-Legend household. Follow the power couple on social media and you'll regularly see their pups get the royal treatment. Don't miss out on those to-die-for holiday photos!

Priyanka Chopra & her puppy princess, Diana

We're starting to believe that Priyanka's pup Diana may overtake the star in terms of popularity. Not only does little Diana have her own Instagram account but is also regularly seen snuggling with Priyanka. She's even been on the cover of Elle. I know, right? She's THAT famous.

Taylor Swift's Cat Cuties

Just like their momma, T-Swift's cats are known all around the world. Named Meredith Grey and Olivi Benson, after characters from Grey's Anatomy and Law & order, you can see these fine felines in her pictures and even her music videos!

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