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4 Ways To Make Your Pet Smile

Pet SmileHave you ever seen your pet smile?  

If your pet was a dog, this would happen often enough because dogs are natural smilers. But for other pets, it could be a challenge. In fact, we’re not even sure if a pet snake is capable of smiling. So maybe, for some pets, just seeing them happy is enough.

Here’s how to do that : 

  1. SPEND TIME WITH THEM. Pets don’t understand that you have to make a living. All they know is that you left them alone or ignored them the entire day because you were busy.  So do spend some quality time with them. Talk to them. Hug them. Cuddle with them. And look them in the eye and tell them “You are loved.”
  2. GIVE THEM HEALTHY TREATS. Just like a normal person, pets love treats. Being fed regular food is nice, but a special treat will send dog tails wagging or cats purring to show their appreciation.  And don’t always make them work for it by obeying your commands or doing tricks. Give it to them because you want to see them happy. 
  3. GROOM THEM OFTEN. Pets love to be groomed. It makes them feel good and look good. Who doesn’t love a refreshing bath or a regular nail clipping? But what your animal probably enjoys the most is your bodily contact and your handling of him. Your touch makes him feel loved and strengthens the bond you two have.
  4. HAVE VET VISITS REGULARLY. Whether or not your pet enjoys this, it is for his own good. Routine checks can prevent future health problems or detect them in their early stages. It’s important to make sure there is nothing wrong with your pet and that they are in the pink of health. Because a healthy pet is a happy pet. 

Pets can make a difference in one’s life. Having one can boost overall happiness and wellbeing. Plus, they provide support and love unconditionally. 

So if you have a pet, give him a big hug. If you don’t, get one now!

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