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5 Ways To Make Your Pet Behave

Having a pet is great. But do you sometimes feel that the roles have been reversed? Like he is the master and you are the pet? 😜

You feed him, bathe him and clean up after him. You also buy him treats. And he wakes you up in the morning when he has to relieve himself outdoors.

We know you do all this because you love him. But sometimes, when he misbehaves, it just drives you nuts.  Constantly chewing on your shoes. Scattering the contents of your bag. Destroying pillows. Then when you catch him, he looks at you so innocently, like he couldn’t harm a fly.

It’s a good thing there are ways to stop your pet from misbehaving. 

Here are some easy tips you can try : 

  1. EXERCISE. Make sure he gets enough of it every day. Animals don’t like being cooped up at home or in cages. So find a way for them to move around and work those muscles. They’ll also be able to work off all that excess energy instead of using it to to tear up the rug.
  2. COMMAND. Pets need rules and structure. Simple commands are a good way to start. But make sure you enforce these rules 100%. Those sneaky critters will try to test your authority to see what they can get away with.  If the rules aren’t followed, it’s best to just confine them in a space where they can’t do any damage.
  3. COMMUNICATE. Pets can recognize your tone of voice. They know when you’re being playful, sweet or angry. Some dogs can even sense sadness. Talk to them in a soothing voice to show them you love them. But when you need to discipline them, you need to sound firm and be consistent. 
  4. REINFORCE. When training your pet, make sure to reward his good behavior with a treat, a cuddle, and some encouraging words. This will make him know that if he does it again, he can get all that attention. On the other hand, do not punish him for wrong behavior because it can lead to fear, confusion, and aggression.
  5. REDIRECT. Pets can get bored. So keep him busy with activities that provide mental stimulation. This will not only occupy him, but it will also prevent him from getting bored and misbehaving.  Get your pet to use his brain. If your pet is a dog, play hiding games or puzzles or use interactive toys to keep him distracted. 

Teaching your pet how to behave will take time. And It will require a lot of patience on your end too. But eventually, if you do it right, your pet will finally realize who the master really is.

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