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5 Ways You Can Be A Paw-some Pet Parent!

Pet Parent

We all wanna be the purrfect pet parent to our beloved furry balls of love.

There's nothing better than seeing our pets smiling with joy and rubbing up against our cheeks with happiness!

You may think you need to do a thousand different things to be the best parent you can be, but you'd be surprised!

Here are 5 simple things you can do to win the pet parent of the year!

#1 Make Your Home Comfortable

Treat your pet like family and make sure your home FEELS like theirs too! Give them their own water bowl, potty area, and a little nook for them to snuggle into at night. They're going to spend most of their time inside, you gotta make sure they're as comfortable as they can be!

#2 Keep Your Pet Active

A healthy pet is a happy pet! Doggos need a pleasant walk around the neighborhood, and cats need to explore around the house! Not only will they act out if they're bored or stressed from pent-up energy, but active pets tend to live longer too! Keep their blood flowing and mind working with some good ol' exercise!

#3 Properly Id Your Pets!

No one wants a lost pet, but it may happen. Prevent this by giving your pet an ID that can be lead back to you. Give them a digital ID tag you can get from various sites or just a collar with your address on them. Your pet wants to go home to you, so make sure they can!

#4 Train Your Pet

When we say that training your pet makes your life a whole lot easier - we mean it! They calm down a little after the 'puppy stage,' but it's essential to guide your pet with ease. Invest in private lessons or just learn basic pet training to ensure your pet behaves well to prevent potential safety issues.

#5 Wash Their Water and Food Bowls

This is something many pet owners forget to do. Just like how you need to wash your plates after you eat, you also need to wash your pet's bowls and dishes! Dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria can build up and make your pet sick. Just give them a quick wash each day for a healthy and happy pet!

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