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One Year of Custom Pet Socks! Happy Birthday Socksery!

Today is a day of celebration, here at Socksery!

Why is that, you ask? What’s so special about today?

Today Socksery is 1 year old and our beloved CEO, Skip, the fluffy dog that started it all, is seven years old. Yes, we started officially our journey on our dog’s birthday, as a reminder that if wasn’t for him, maybe we would have never embarked on this wonderful journey of making socks with custom pictures.

And what better day, than the birthday of our two babies (our dog and our company), to also officially launch our new blog, where you will find funny and helpful information about our website, how to order our personalized dog socks, fun facts about socks and many, many more.

But let’s go back a bit, shall we? We want to tell you the story of how Socksery became to be.

It all started two Christmases ago, when we were racking up our brains on what presents should we buy our friends and family. You know how it goes, you want to buy something personal, something fun, something that will put a smile on your loved ones faces. Year after year, you try to find the perfect gift that won’t make a huge hole in your pocket either.

We sat down with a glass of wine and we asked ourselves “What would make everyone happy?”

As we were brainstorming different kind of ideas, from practical ones to silly and outrageous ones, our dog came into the room, chewing happily one of my blue socks. You see Skip has this habit of stealing our socks from the laundry basket and turning them into his favorite play things.

That is when a light bulb went off in our heads and the most amazing idea came to mind. All people love animals, no matter their age. Most of our friends have pets and we often get together at the dog park, going on play dates with our animals. Grandma loves her fluffy cat and I haven’t met one kid that doesn’t get excited when he gets to play with a dog or a cat.

Some people prefer parrots, some love bunnies, some people even have piglets or squirrels. But what we all have in common is our love for animals!

Two Christmases ago we found the perfect gift idea, custom photo socks with your furry friend on them!

All our friends and family loved the personalized pet socks and we received so much praise for our gifts, that we slowly started thinking about spreading the joy with all pet owners with these photo printed socks.

It took us several months to bring Socksery to life, to find the best suppliers for quality socks, to perfect our printing processes, to come up with a variety of designs and a wide palette of colors to choose from.

But we did it! We launched Socksery one year ago and we’ve had a blast, making thousands and thousands of pet owners happy with our personalized animal socks!

So, Happy Birthday Socksery! Happy Birthday Skip! May we celebrate animals for years to come with our unique and fun printed socks!


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