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How To Make Your Pet A Superstar

Make Your Pet a SuperstarWhen it comes to pets, we all love our own. No matter how often they chew up our fave shoes or shed hairs on the living room couch, or unfurl brand new rolls of toilet paper, in our eyes, they are perfect.

So perfect in fact that if we are able to catch any of their expressions or antics on camera, we immediately post them on social media like they were our kid’s milestones or something.

And to be fair, there really are some pets out there who are true, bonafide superstars. The kind that actually gets paid.

So, if you think your pet belongs in the limelight, here are some ways to him get noticed:

He’s got the look.  There are some pets that look absolutely gorgeous, while others have a face only their owners could love. It doesn’t matter though. Because you never know what kind of “look” these star makers are looking for. 

He’s got talent. If he’s got skills and antics that are unnatural for an animal then he’s got a shot at stardom! We’re talking animal tricks that are unusual and unexpected. The kind that will leave you thinking that your pet is much more than what you think he is.

He can act. Just sitting there and being all animal-like or being himself may already be enough. What is more important though is he should be sociable and have the right temperament. It would be great if he got along with people and other animals too!

If your pet fits the criteria above, find an animal modeling agency and sign him/her up. But if you’d rather do it on your own then make sure...

He’s got connections. If you think you’re pet is pretty special, then create a social media account for him. It’s the best way to put him out there. But do be sure to keep his page interesting and engaging. Before you know it he’ll have more followers than you.

And if he does end up becoming a superstar, there are really cool ways to get his mug immortalized in a whole slew of products like socks, t-shirts, mugs, and even doormats!

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