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Quick & easy guide to order your favorite Custom Socks

Socksery ReviewsSo, you’ve decided to make the best gift ever to a friend, a parent or even to yourself, a pair of custom puppy socks or maybe a cute custom dog mug or even a personalized doormat!

That’s great, I’m sure your loved ones will love the gifts so much! But first, let me walk you step by step through our easy guide on how to order the best photo socks you’ll ever find!

1. Choose what kind of custom photo socks you want to buy. You can choose between our custom dog socks, custom cat socks or custom face socks. If you or your friends have a different animal, don’t sweat! We can put any kind of pets on socks, like piglets, squirrels, geese, ducks, etc!

2. First of all, select the color and size for the socks. You can choose from a wide color palette (Blue, Purple, Dark Blue, Gray, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, White). The socks come in 3 sizes: S (Men’s 5-6/ Women’s 4-8), M (Men’s 7-11/ Women’s 9-11), L ( Men’s 12-13/ Women’s 11+). Choose carefully the size depending on your shoe size, to make sure you’ll have the perfect fit!

3. Choose how many different faces you want on the socks! If you or your loved ones have more than one furry friend, no problem! We can put up to three faces on the socks with custom pictures. Choose easily one of the options: 1 face, 2 faces, 3 faces.

4. The most important step of all! Upload the picture of your cute pup or fluffy cat! Make sure you upload a picture with good lightening, where you can see your pets face clearly, with no obstructions or blurry parts! We’ll crop the image for you and put it on the socks!

5. Select the quantity! You can also order several pairs of socks with the same model, if you want to make a fun gift to all your family!

6. Click ADD TO CART. You’ll be prompted to a new page where you can leave any notes for your designer. If you have any special requests regarding your socks with your dog’s face on them or if you wish to see a mock up before we put them into production, this is the place to say it!

7. Click CHECKOUT. At this step you’ll have to provide with an email address and with the shipping address for delivery. If you have a gift card or discount code, now is the time to apply it to your order!

8. Choose the Shipping method!

9. Choose the Payment Method, select the Billing address, click PAY and that’s it! Your order is in the works! We’ll take it on from here, make our magic happen, while you can sit back and relax!

10. Yaaay! Your new, awesome, custom image socks are here! Custom socks + Your pet = One Super Happy Owner

So, what are you waiting for? Put your pet’s face on socks right now! You’ll love it! Furrrreal!

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