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Socks Fashion Police: How to wear your Custom Pet Socks

Socksery Socks(Picture Credit: Pixabay)

Remember the times nobody cared about socks? They were just something to cover your feet, plain old boring socks in black or white. The most you cared about was how comfortable they were, how warm they kept your feet and how they didn’t slip off while walking (we all know that nasty feeling of discomfort when on the outside everything looks fine, but on the inside, your sock is slowly and agonizingly slipping off, leaving your heel bare in your shoes).

Well, not anymore! Socks are the new fashion statement, the cool kids around the block! Nowadays, you can find almost anything you can think of when it comes to these trusted leg warmers: statement socks, designer label socks, custom pet socks, etc., etc.


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Wondering now what kind of socks should you be wearing to stay in trend? Well, the question is what would you like to wear? Given the many styles and choices out there, everybody can up their sock game, staying true to their personality and clothing style.

For example, you can never go wrong with personalized dog socks! If you have a pawsome fur ball and would like to put your dog on socks, guess what? It’s a great idea and one of the hottest sock trends of the moment. A colorful pair of custom puppy socks will liven up any attire, making your outfit stand out in a funny and adorable way and, last but not least, will show the world just how much you loooove your little ball of sunshine. Cause let’s face it; nothing says “I woof you” as wearing your pups face on your socks!

Feeling courageous? How about mixing your custom image socks with sandals? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, wearing socks with sandals is IN! Just make sure it is clear you are wearing this combination on purpose, so choose a special pair of socks that has a special meaning to you, like your favorite personalized cat socks, or socks with a crazy pattern, neon colors or an empowering message.

Prepare to be shocked! The first rule of the Socks World is there are no rules anymore! Remember when wearing white socks with dress shoes and suits was a big NO-NO? Fashion stylists are now raging on this frowned upon combination, saying white socks with fancy shoes remind people of the 80’s and they should be worn with confidence, every time you want to break the norm!

Another change in the status quo comes from the fact that, with all these trendy, wacky and fashionable socks available, gifting socks has become one of the coolest things ever! The trick is to choose a fun pair, a style they wouldn’t normally buy themselves, a pair of photo printed socks with personality. Or, if the receiver of the gift is a pet owner, surprise them with some socks that you can put pictures on.

The bottom line is, when it comes to choosing your socks, be bold, dream big and wear them proudly!
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