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Tell me your Sign and I’ll tell you what custom socks to wear

Everybody knows that astrology can influence some aspects of your life. Depending on your Zodiac sign, you might have or not have some personality traits, some qualities or flaws specific to your sign.

Astrology can say a lot about us, including what kind of clothes we like to wear, what kind of activities we like to partake in or even what countries we prefer to travel to. We’ve made a fun list of what kind of socks each zodiac sign likes to wear, so you could spend less time in choosing the perfect design when ordering your next pair of custom puppy socks or custom cat socks.


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, always the life of the party, fierce and fiery and always looking for a good adventure! Their fun and mischievous personality would go great with a pair of Red custom photo socks with their favorite furball!


The natives of this zodiac sign are kind, down to earth people, but also very hard working. For a Taurus you can’t go wrong with a pair of Custom Father’s Day socks, they’ll love it!


Gemini’s are fun to be around, friendly and very energetic. They need comfy socks that they can wear all day, every day and bold colors and prints to show of their vibrant personality. Surprise them with our Yellow custom face socks!


Cancer natives are well known for their nurturing and caring nature, they are the perfect pet owners. They take really good care of their cute doggies and fluffy cats, so the perfect socks for them would definitely be some personalized pet socks to showcase their pride and joy! We’re thinking Green Custom Dog Socks!


Just like the lion is the king of the jungle, Leo’s are always on top of their game, always taking the lead. They have bold personalities and they don’t shy away from the spotlight. Their perfect socks have crazy patterns or colors just like our Purple customizable socks with pictures!


Virgos value comfort and soothing things. They love socks that are soft, cozy and keep the feet warm, you won’t go wrong with a pair of Pink pet picture socks!


It is a well-known fact that Libras are sophisticated, refined people with a taste for classic stuff. If you want to gift them a pair of socks with dog photos, make sure you choose a simple, black or white background.


As the courageous and outspoken sign of the Zodiac, Scorpions need a pair of socks that show their passion for life! If you want to surprise your Scorpio lover with a pair of Custom Valentine’s Day Socks, don’t second guess it, it’s a great choice!


A dreamer and an adventurer, Sagittariuses are whimsical people with a great love for the unknown. Their socks should express their explorer side, just like our Custom Star Socks!


Capricorns are laid back and don’t appreciate being the center of attention. Their socks should be more on the serious side, practical and comfortable, but not very out of the box. The only time of the year that they would enjoy wacky socks is Christmas, so why not offer them personalized Christmas socks?


Aquarius natives have strong personalities & opinions and a more analytical personality, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have fun from time to time and enjoy a good party! Encourage their playful side with some Custom Halloween Socks!


Pisces have a caring nature and are very sensitive people, that love the comfort of their own homes and the affection of their loving pets. Their socks should always keep their feet warm and show of their nurturing side and love for aquatic themes. They will greatly enjoy our printed socks in Blue!

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