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What Makes A Fur-fect Gift

Pet GiftDo you have friends who love their pets more than they love you? 😉

And what’s not to love? Pets are loyal. They love unconditionally. They don’t fight or argue with you. They’re easy to please. They are there through thick and thin. And they accept their master's warts and all.

Friends can be awesome too, especially if they embody all these qualities. If you have a friend like this, then consider yourself lucky.  

And if this friend of yours happens to own a pet, then we have several ideas on what kind of gift you can get him. 

Here are some of them :

  1. Plant some fun. Giving a plant is always a good idea. But placing a plant in a cute animal-shaped plant holder is purr-fect! 
  2. Store it! Make sure your friend doesn’t mistake his dog treats for an afternoon snack.  Give him a nice pet food storage container and label it with his pet’s name.
  3. Pillow Fight! If your friend wants his pet to sleep with him but can’t, give him the next best thing. Pet pillows, especially life-sized ones will surely send him off to dreamland.
  4. Tag, You’re It. It would break your friend’s heart if his pet got lost or ran away. So get him a pet name tag that shows the pet’s cute mug and your friend’s phone number. 
  5. Bling It On. Always wanted to give a lady friend jewelry without getting too up close and personal?  Trinkets in the shape of her pet are sweet yet not too sappy.
  6. Someone Get the Door(mats). You know who the real boss is in your friend’s house right? So give him a customized doormat with a photo of his pet standing guard.
  7. Sock it to ‘Em. Get your friend some socks with his pet’s face on them so he can show the world just how much he loves his pet.

If you happen to own a pet who you adore as well, why not get any of these for yourself? And show your pet just how much he means to you. 

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