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How long does it take to ship my order?
  • Our custom socks take about 5 business days to be produced.
  • Once produced, shipping through USPS will deliver US orders in 3-5 business days
  • Standard Shipping ($3.95) – Arrives 3-5 business days
When will I receive my tracking number?
Once your order is shipped, you will be notified by e-mail along with your tracking number.
What shipping options are available?
We also offer free standard US shipping on orders over $70
Standard Shipping ($3.95) - Arrives 5-7 business days
What are socks made of?
Our Custom socks are woven from a blend of high performance yarn to meet the toughest demands of professional athletes. Here's more on our product and the quality.
How do I wash my socks?
Turn the socks inside out before washing with cold/warm water. Air dry if possible or tumble dry low in the dryer. Don't use bleach, dryer sheets or fabric softener. Don't dry clean. Click here for full care instructions.
Why are there white lines when my socks are worn?
All custom printed athletic socks will run into this issue. Athletic socks have ribbing on the leg portion to ensure a secure fit. We pre-stretch the socks before printing to help reduce and minimize these line breaks.
Any tips for customizing my custom socks?
The basic rule for printing would be to start with a high quality image. The better the image, the better the print will be. We also recommend our customers to try and avoid dark background colors, such as black. All custom socks will have minor break lines on the ribbing portion and it’s more apparent when using dark colors. Try using a lighter color for your design for better results.
Is there someone I can reach out to?
If there's something you didn't find online, you can conveniently contact us. Via E-mail:
Does the photo have to be professional quality?
If you can take the picture with your phone or tablet, that would be perfect. Please try to upload a photo where the dog's head is not cropped, blurred or has any obstructions.
Do you do cat socks?
We also do cat socks, attach your cat picture in your order and we will process them for you. 
Can you also print human faces?
Yes you can in just a few clicks! Our Custom Face Socks are very popular and make an original gift to your loved ones.
When you wear them, do the socks stay on?
Yes, they stay on and don't slip down.
How are these socks? are they soft and do they fit good? I ordered a pair from a catalog similar to these and they were horrible, they were tight and I could barely get them on my feet.
We made an extra effort to bring our customers only the best materials and quality to our Socks and as a result, our Custom socks are woven from a blend of high performance yarn to meet the toughest demands of professional athletes.
Don’t you have them for women?
Our Custom Socks feature women sizes from 6 to 13.
Do you accept Paypal?
We accept PayPal, GPay and Card Payments.
Can you do 1 picture with 2 dogs in it?
Yes you can customize your socks with up to 3 different face/dog pictures for any of our products
Can I upload more than one dog picture?
Yes, you can upload up to 3 photos with different dogs on a single pair of socks. If the photo has more than just 1 pet or person in it and you want to have someone specific on the socks, please leave a note in the note section, so that our designers will now exactly which pet/ person you want printed on the socks.
Can the socks be personalized with other animals as well?
Yes, we can print any pet on the socks, from dogs, cats or hamsters to even horses, birds or snakes etc. We can also print human faces, kids’ faces and different objects.
Where do you ship?
Besides the US, our personalized face socks can be delivered in various countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, UK, Germany, France.
Can I offer them as a gift?
Our custom printed socks can be the perfect gift for dog lovers. You can offer them as Christmas gifts, for birthdays or any other special occasions.